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Meet your local car buyers - The Sell Your Car 2 Jack team

Jack Raison

Jack Raison - Head honcho

I’m the CEO of Sell Your Car 2 Jack and I founded the business in 2012. This business is everything to me, I am passionate about the brand and have worked extremely hard in getting it right. I am involved in every aspect of the operation (except valeting) and always love to know exactly what is going on. I have a great vision for the future of the business and hope you can become a part of the journey.

Read my story to understand why I started this business.

Adam Baker

Adam Baker - Car Buyer

I've been involved in the car industry since a young age and I LOVE tinkering with my track car on a weekend. Having worked for Hyundai and Ford main dealers, I have over 4 years experience in helping people find their next car. As a car buyer for Sell Your Car 2 Jack I am now able to pass on that experience and knowledge on the other side of the wheel and helping our customers sell their vehicle with no hassle.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith - Car Buyer

With a vast knowledge of the sports, leisure and customer service industry I have adapted my strengths in to the world of car buying. Using my knowledge and love of cars to help our customers sell their vehicles while also providing the best possible service. Sell Your Car 2 Jack has an exceptional name for customer service which is why I wanted to be a part of the team

Paul Beauchamp

Paul Beauchamp - Car Buyer

I’ve been in the motor industry for 17 years,starting at a contract hire company selling new cars into businesses for 6 years, then the following 11 years within a Hyundai dealerships fleet department. I hope to use my knowledge gained in this time to provide the very best customer experience for customers of Sell Your Car 2 Jack.

Dan Bloomer

Dan Bloomer - Car Buyer

I had previously worked for Sytner Porsche Solihull for 9 years in Vehicle Management. I have over 10 years experience in the motor trade and now part of SYC2J. I will use my experience to help people sell their cars the hassle free way. I am passionate about offering the very best customer service. I enjoy many outside adventures, and my passion is off roading in many 4x4 vehicles!!

Clare Raison

Clare Raison - HR and Sales Support

I am part of the admin and HR team and involved in the business growth strategy. I am Jack’s eldest sister and it’s great to be a part of a rapidly expanding company. The team here at SYC2J are great and the service we offer to people is second to none. It’s always nice to have a female input sometimes into the teams meetings. It’s my job to ensure Sell Your Car 2 Jack day to day business runs smoothly as possible so we can continue to offer the first class customer service. Alongside keeping the lads in check and making a great CUPPA. Hope to see you at one of our branches soon :-)

Marie Turlington

Marie Turlington - Sales Administrator

Hi I'm Marie, Sales Administrator and responsible for managing the business' day to day running and growth strategy. I have a wealth of experience in sales management and I am excited to be part of this expanding team. Excellent customer service is paramount to this business and I am an integral part of the customer’s journey and look forward to helping you sell your car!

John Raison

John Raison - The wise old man

I’m Jack’s Dad and I’m here to keep the boys in check! Having worked in the car industry for over 40 years I’ve seen it all. Because of this, many of my past experiences are able to assist Jack and the team. Old fashioned good customer service is why Sell Your Car 2 Jack is a great business. Call me old school I’m happy with that.

Thomas Bromley

Thomas Bromley - Social Media Manager

My role is to make sure that we keep connected with our followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Photos, videos, infographics and life-hacks are all my domain to keep you updated at all times on a social level.

Chloe Bodard

Chloe Bodard - SEO with style

I make sure that your website experience is world class! I’m a bit of a computer geek and love the stats. We provide all of our customers with a fantastic service and it’s my job to ensure you can find us easily online. Jack and I occasionally have a difference of opinion (to put it nicely) and I have remind him to stick to what you’re good at.

Imtiaz Ilahi

Imtiaz Ilahi - The Money Man

I look after the financial side of Sell Your Car 2 Jack and have been on board since the start. One of the key differences between us and our competitors is that we give you cash for your car immediately. It's the sole reason we have “faster payments” set up so your money is in your account as fast as possible. Alongside the number crunching, I'm always involved in new ideas and marketing strategies to help the business grow and serve a wider community.

Chris Goulding

Chris Goulding - Web Wizard

I look after the website. With new algorithms, online updates and new software the website is an ever evolving task which is never “finished”. In this day and age we expect everything instantly. We make decisions within seconds on our phone, tablet or desktop, so constant maintenance is imperative to ensure your experience is seamless. Jack has always supported my new ideas and concepts, although he can take some convincing at times.

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